Apps Help to Make Moving Easier

Is there anything worse that moving? Maybe not, but new apps help keep owners and renters organized, on-track and on-the-move.

The free Moving Day app an be launched the moment packing starts to record every item that goes into a box. Once the box is full, a label can be printed with its own bar code for tracking and reference.

When the boxes have shipped and arrived at the new destination, scanning each bar-code  will allow for a quick check to make sure nothing has gone missing. And it something does get broken or lost, the Easy Reporting document feature of this app will provide quick and easy information to the moving company and insurance company.

Move Advisor is another free app, and offers a detailed week-by-week moving checklist. Within the app is a checklist tool, Moving Timeline, which features an action button that suggests ways to complete a particular task faster and easier. For example, tapping the action button underneath “Reserving a Rental Truck” brings up a number of websites for national truck rental companies. The Movers Around You tool helps procure a reputable and reliable professional moving company near any location, providing a list of companies and their contact information.

MyMove is an app with a section to record confirmation codes for utility companies, rather that writing them down on whatever scrap paper is handy. In addition, the Moving Tips section connects users to a regularly updates blog section of MyMovingReviews. This blog is one of the top databases from which users can access expert moving related articles/moving tips and tricks, relocation guides, moving checklists, interview, and more industry news on the web. lets users compare 600 pre-screened, license, local or interstate moving firms, read credentials and reviews, and book online. Plug in the size of the home, the moving date, the location of the new space, and any additional needs like storage or extra drop-off stops. There is a live-chat feature that connects users with advisers. There is also moving information and an app for setting up your moving timeline and making an inventory.

Craigslist is one choice for unloading old furniture, appliances and other home goods when preparing to move. An additional resource,, is now available in the New York and Washington D.C. area fro those who ma want to earn a little extra cash, as well as keep old home furnishings out of the landfill. AptDeco will not only help with pricing, but will pick up items and handle the financial exchange.

To buy or sell home furnishings that might be slightly more upscale, is an online consignment marketplace, with locations currency in San Francisco, Raleigh, Charleston, Atlanta, New York City,and Los Angeles. The company has its own warehouses and teams that will pick up, deliver and set up objects.


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