What We Look For

A home inspection is a very in-depth examination of a home for potential problems. An inspector’s job is to catalogue and organize those problems in order to report them in an easy-to-understand manner. When John Robinson’s Inspection Group inspects your home, we look for any factor that might affect the health and safety of that home’s residents. We also include problems that might necessitate an expensive repair or replacement.

Among the major concerns we look for are fire hazards such as improperly insulated electrical wires, carbon monoxide leaks, and natural gas leaks. We also inspect several common sources of expensive repair such as the roof, the furnace, appliances, plumbing, and water heaters in each home.

Focus on the Family

At John Robinson’s Inspection Group, our focus is on the residents of the home first and foremost. Even if the home seller is our client, our primary concern is for the people who will end up living in the home. We understand that real estate agents, sellers, and even the buyers what the sell to go through.  However, it doesn’t serve anyone if potential issues are glossed over.  That’s why, no matter how innocent-looking an item may be, everything we find goes into our report, and everything in our report gets explained in detail, every time.  Our inspectors have experience to help our clients and their Realtors sort out the minor vs. the significant issues.

Helping Homebuyers

John Robinson’s Inspection Group puts particular emphasis on helping first-time home buyers understand what they’re getting into, but anyone buying or selling a home will benefit profoundly from our Services. We understand that even the perfect home has imperfections. John Robinson’s Inspection Group’s job is to make sure that buyer and seller are both well-educated about those imperfections so that an agreement can be reached about how to address those issues.

Our inspectors have been trained to examine the chimneys, roofs, electrical wiring, foundations, plumbing, drainage, basements, crawlspaces, attics, heating systems, ventilation, insulation, siding, and dozens of other components of a house. By applying cutting-edge technology such as drone technology, thermal imaging, carbon monoxide detectors, and other tools; John Robinson’s Inspection Group can find problems that other inspectors simply don’t have the ability to look for.

We will specifically address the following areas:

  • Moisture problems
  • HVAC and gas leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Pool safety
  • Improper modifications of space (i.e. using an attic as a bedroom)
  • Walking hazards (i.e. anything you might trip or slip on)
  • Security gaps
  • Insulation
  • Foundation issues
  • Masonry flaws
  • Subfloor structural problems
  • Water intrusion
  • Plumbing
  • Ingress and Egress

Assisting Sellers

When an inspector from John Robinson’s Inspection Group finds a problem on an inspection, it can often be a source of stress to a home seller. It makes selling the home more complicated, and negotiations become longer or may fall apart entirely. That’s why many home sellers choose to engage our Services for a pre-list inspection — so there are no surprises. A pre-list inspection will ensure your buyers that you are confident in your home, and that you have fully disclosed everything about the home.  This will allow buyers to make an informed buying decision quicker and sell your home faster.

Every home buyer is going to have an inspection conducted eventually — as a seller, you’ll look much better if you know the answers to their questions before they ask. A pre-list inspection also gives you a realistic notion of the conditions of your home, allowing you time to make any repairs or replacements you need to. You can also add a report from John Robinson’s Inspection Group directly to your supporting documentation, giving you added credibility.

We Are Here When You Need Us

Of course, having your home inspected is not a guarantee that your home will be problem-free when you move in — no one can guarantee that. John Robinson’s Inspection Group cannot force the seller to fix anything before you move in, nor can we assure you that any out-of-date items will be brought up to code. However, we will provide you with our recommendations for repairs and point you in the direction of the licensed contractors that are best suited to help solve the issues your home might be experiencing.  We have the knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth, stress free buying experience.