We find missing anti-tip brackets during about 90% of the home inspections we perform.  Most homebuyers have no idea what they are or why they are needed.   Follow this link below to our Facebook page to read a short article to gain a better understanding of what anti-tip brackets are and why they are important.  John Robinson’s Inspection Group, always looking out for your safety.  https://www.facebook.com/notes/john-robinson/anti-tip-brackets-for-freestanding-ranges/10202873284577444

Warning Label inside door

Warning Label found inside the door of most freestanding ranges


parts needed for anti-tip bracket installation

Typical parts needed for anti-tip bracket installation

The recent heat wave in San Diego has forced many of us to stay inside and turn on the air conditioner.  However, during a recent home inspection we discovered this air conditioner’s condensate pump was not functioning properly.  This problem had been occurring for many months promoting extensive mold growth on and inside its return air compartment.  This is a serious health concern that should be repaired immediately.  To prevent serious issues like this from developing in your home, be sure to have your air conditioner inspected, cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure proper operation.