Mostly every home buyer we perform home inspections for here in San Diego has some degree of concern when it comes to mold.  This concern that can range from very little to being extremely concerned.  John Robinson’s Inspection Group is not a mold inspection company.  We are not licensed nor trained to identify mold.  However, if there are conditions that exist that can be conducive to the attraction of organic growths like mold, mildew, or fungus for example: an ongoing plumbing leak or moisture intrusion due to improper window, door or roofing material/flashing installation, we will let you know that those conditions exist and they should be corrected.  If we see moisture stains with possible organic growths present, we will recommend that the area be further evaluated by a licensed mold inspector to determine if further repairs needed at this time.

Mold below a leaking shower-bathtub enclosure

Drywall with mold found below a shower-bathtub enclosure

The only way to accurately confirm the presence of mold it to have your home professionally inspected and the air tested by a qualified, licensed mold inspection company.  Mold inspectors are trained and have special equipment that can take samples of the surfaces and air of your home to be sent to a laboratory and analyzed to determine the type and number of mold spore present in your home.  Once confirmed it must be remediated properly by a licensed mold remediation/restoration contractor to ensure that it has been removed completely.


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